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Johnny Mitchell
Croquet is a year-round pursuit at Ginger Cove retirement community in Annapolis
Wickets in winter

Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and the other Orioles get four months off between baseball seasons. Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and the world champion Ravens have five months to go before training camp begins. Big-time athletes, after all, need a chance to rest their bodies and minds after the rigors of a long campaign. Then there are the white-clad competitors at Ginger Cove. "We don't want an off-season. We like to keep our skills sharp," says Bill Krause, the 91-year-old Imperial Wicket, or captain, of the croquet club at the retirement community in Annapolis. Then he bends at the waist, strokes a heavy ball with a mallet, and watches it roll 20 feet toward the wicket. It's...