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John Parker Wilson

Game log: Ravens 21, Falcons 7

Game log: Ravens 21, Falcons 7

Ravens 21, Falcons 7 Fourth quarter: 2:37 Damien Berry rushes for a 5-yard touchdown. (Hunter Cantwell throws to Ryan Mahaffey for the 2-point conversion). Ravens 13, Falcons 7 Fourth quarter: 3:03 Billy Cundiff kicks a 44-yard field goal. Ravens 10, Falcons 7 Third quarter: 2:13 Chykie Brown intercepts John Parker Wilson and returns the pick 65 yards for a touchdown. (Billy Cundiff kicks the extra point) Falcons 7, Ravens 3 Third quarter: 9:39 Antone Smith rushes for a 46-yard touchdown. (Matt Bryant kicks the extra point) Ravens 3, Falcons 0 Second quarter: 1:05 Billy Cundiff kicks a 32-yard field