From Freddie Gray's neighborhood and beyond, bewilderment follows dropping of charges

Joe Mays

Houston Texans' defense in search of consistency

Houston Texans' defense in search of consistency

Through two games, it has been a beast-or-famine season for the Texans' defense.

Mostly, the Texans have been impenetrable. The Chargers didn't make a first down on any of their final five possessions (only to go off for 539 yards against the Eagles this past Sunday). The Titans went three-and-out four consecutive times in the third quarter against the Texans, then suffered the indignity of a two-and-out to start the fourth quarter when Joe Mays dumped Chris Johnson for a safety.

But Tennessee's next series rumbled on for nine plays and essentially went end zone to end zone, covering 99 yards and ending with Jake Locker's 10-yard touchdown pass to Delanie Walker. So the Texans...