James Anderson

Big-game stage suits Anderson; Falcons: Fifth-year back Jamal Anderson, no stranger to celebrity, is quickly making a name for himself with his rushing exploits.

MIAMI -- Jamal Anderson knows that a showman needs to keep coming up with new material.

That's why the fifth-year Atlanta Falcons running back is promising a new dance to top the Dirty Bird in Super Bowl XXXIII.

"Watch me when I score," he said.

Notice the word "when." Not if.

If ever a player were made for the Super Bowl, it's Anderson.

Not only is he good enough to be Atlanta's top offensive weapon, but he's also savvy enough to understand what kind of stage the Super Bowl is.

In an era when many athletes are uncomfortble in the spotlight, he relishes in it.

Celebrity is nothing new for him because his father, James Anderson,...