Burley Oak founder reflects on five years of craft beer and helping make Berlin cool

Herb Smith

O'Malley is resilient, oblivious or just not lucky

O'Malley is resilient, oblivious or just not lucky

Nobody asked me, but if I was Martin O'Malley, I'd be pretty grim about now — an ill-tempered sourpuss like Paulie Walnuts from "The Sopranos" when he loses a hand at poker. I couldn't take the humiliation, especially after only one guy showed up in Iowa to hear me talk and still couldn't commit to supporting me. I'd have to bow out of the presidential campaign. I'd leave a call-me-if-you-need-me note with the Democratic National Committee and find a real job.

But hey, I'm not Martin O'Malley. I gave up singing poorly in public years ago, and I have better things to do than to ask people to throw away money on a political campaign that's little more than a setup...