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Evan Dietrich-Smith
Projecting three stars for Sunday's Ravens-Falcons game
Projecting three stars for Sunday's Ravens-Falcons game

1. Quarterback Joe Flacco Last week, I was wrong to single out Owen Daniels as the one who would benefit most in the Ravens passing attack. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had trouble covering everyone, and the Atlanta Falcons are kind of in the same boat. The Falcons rank 29th in pass defense with 277.7 passing yards allowed per game, and they don't get the type of pass rush that has thrown Flacco and the Ravens off this year. Flacco played well last time the Ravens were at home, against the Carolina Panthers, and it's been a mixed bag in the two ensuing road games. But a good game against Atlanta, which at least has the semblance of being a good team despite its 2-4 record, could be...