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Don Shula
Catching Up With ... former Colts punter Tom Gilburg
Catching Up With ... former Colts punter Tom Gilburg

Two years ago, during a triathlon relay race, Tom Gilburg rode a bicycle 26 miles. He was 73 at the time. "I didn't set any records, but I got the job done," the onetime Colts punter said. Ditto, his football career. For five years Gilburg punted for the Colts, averaging 41.4 yards a boot before quitting in 1966 with a bum knee. Three times, he finished among the NFL's top 10 punters while doubling as a second-string offensive tackle. Yet he's largely overshadowed in Baltimore sports lore because of the success of his heir. David Lee, who replaced Gilburg, made All-Pro and played 13 seasons for the Colts. And Gilburg? He became a college coach and retired...