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Chris White

The Zombies stay fresh at Rams Head On Stage

The Zombies stay fresh at Rams Head On Stage

There are at least two remarkable things to note in Colin Blunstone’s voice.

First, of course, is its sound, that light, airy quality – is it breathy, or breathless? – that gave the great Zombies tracks of the mid-1960s an immediate, intimate, confessional feel. Rod Argent’s jazz-inflected keyboard playing is distinctive and pleasing. Blunstone’s voice is arresting.

Second is the fact that it appears to have aged not at all. Live at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis Monday evening, where Blunstone and Argent led the 2013 version of the Zombies through a crowd-pleasing set of hits, covers and a few new songs, Blunstone sounded...