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A.J. Feeley
Fantasy Fodder: My 2011 all-disappointment team
Fantasy Fodder: My 2011 all-disappointment team

Last week, we looked at the biggest surprises of the 2011 fantasy football campaign. This time around, we will hand out dishonors to the disappointing (non-injured) players who have torpedoed our seasons so far. Try not to cuss too much in the comments section below after reading this list, OK? Quarterback: Philip Rivers, Chargers. His miscues were on display Monday night, but he has been stinking up the joint all year, with 11 interceptions to go with seven TD passes. It’s not like he doesn’t have weapons, but he is starting to drag Vincent Jackson down with him, too. Dishonorable mention: Josh Freeman, Buccaneers. Running back: Chris Johnson, Titans. One of a few players who...