Mariel Zagunis

Women's fencing World Cup comes to Baltimore

Women's fencing World Cup comes to Baltimore

Freddie Woolf and Kendall Day nervously approached Olympic bronze medalist fencer Monica Aksamit between matches at the U.S. Women’s Sabre World Cup this weekend.

Aksamit smiled as the 8-year-old girls from Severna Park asked for her autograph, posed for a picture with her, and then hugged her.

The young fans had to ask: How did Aksamit get into fencing? She gestured to her mother standing nearby, who got her involved as a child.

“They handed me a weapon and said, ‘Hit the other kid,’ ” she said, as the girls giggled. “I was confused, but I said ‘OK.’ And I was pretty good.”

Aksamit and Dagmara Wozniak, who both won bronze medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics, led the...