Forest Hill duathlon won by Williams, Markel

Carla Williams, an accomplished cyclist and triathlete from Baltimore, led the field in the second annual Anytime Fitness Duathlon in Forest Hill Saturday.

The race – 2 miles of running, 9.5 miles of biking and 2 more miles of running – drew 54 competitors, many of them first-time duathletes.

Williams completed the first run in 13:23 and averaged 21.5 mph on the bike course along Routes 23 and 24 and Jarrettsville Road. She ran the second 2 miles in 12:44 to finish in 52:29. Hers was the fastest time overall.

Justin Markel of Abingdon, won the men's race in 55:01. He averaged 21.7 mph on the bike and ran 13:17 and 14:51 to finish 1:42 ahead of runner-up...