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David Sloan
Good Taste: Frisco Tap House
Good Taste: Frisco Tap House

Wine connoisseurs are called oenophiles. But beer lovers? Well, in the past, those well versed in this brewer’s art have gotten rather short shrift. These days, though, there’s a growing number of places that appeal to beer connoisseurs. One such pub is the Frisco Tap House — the third incarnation of Frisco Burrito, which moved to Columbia from its original Towson location. In  December 2010, owner Adam Carton moved to the latest location on Dobbin Road, where he says he hopes to next add a brewery to the eatery. Inside there are some 150 seats and a huge bar with 52 rotating taps and two screens that give you the rundown on what beers are available that night, as...