Daycare worker charged with murder in death of 8-month-old girl

David Dunn

Another victim of black blindness?

Another victim of black blindness?

Call it black blindness.

It is a kind of myopia that afflicts some of us -- too many of us -- whenever we gaze upon a dark-skinned man. It causes some of us -- too many of us -- to see things that are not there, and to miss things that are. Sometimes, it is fatal.

Such was the case for Amadou Diallo, the African immigrant who died in a hailstorm of gunfire in 1999 after police mistook his wallet for a gun.

We cannot yet know if black blindness was the cause of death for Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old black kid who was killed the night after Thanksgiving. But there is reason to suspect it was. Jordan was shot by a 45-year-old white man, Michael David Dunn, who says he saw...