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Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Leftovers from Q&A with Notre Dame's Mikey Wynne
Leftovers from Q&A with Notre Dame's Mikey Wynne

Friday’s editions included a Q&A with Notre Dame freshman attackman Mikey Wynne, a Sykesville resident and St. Paul’s graduate who leads the No. 1 Fighting Irish in goals with 26. Due to space constraints, here are some answers that didn’t make the cut. What’s the key to your shooting percentage of 52.0, which ranks third in Division I? A lot of people always shoot for the corners, but my philosophy is to shoot for the net. Even if it isn’t traditionally a good shot – maybe it’s not in the corner or anything – if it is where the goalie isn’t, then it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. Every goal counts as one. Why not shoot...