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Premature men's lacrosse poll for 2016, Part 1

Premature men's lacrosse poll for 2016, Part 1

Denver captured its first NCAA championship Monday in its first appearance in the tournament final, adding to Maryland’s 41-year drought without a national title. As fresh as that game was, some of us can’t wait to see how the 2016 campaign will unfold. So, here is a very premature attempt to compile preseason rankings for next year. The top 20 will be broken up into four installments, with Tuesday’s post involving teams ranked from Nos. 20 to 16. Wednesday will feature Nos. 15 to 11, Thursday Nos. 10 to 6 and Friday Nos. 5 to 1. Unless there are confirmed reports about certain players planning to use fifth years of eligibility, this space will assume that seniors in...