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Butler Bulldogs
Rank NCAA regions in order of difficulty?

Midwest is toughest Dom Amore Hartford Courant The toughest? Louisville's Midwest. The Cardinals have Duke at No. 2, Michigan State at No. 3, Missouri at No. 9. Memphis, which tore through Conference USA, is a No. 6. Next, I'd go with the East because Miami, the first team to win the ACC regular-season and tournament titles and not get a No. 1, is the No. 2 behind Indiana here. Big East team Marquette is at No. 3, and Syracuse is at No. 4. Kansas may be starting in Kansas City in the South, but it has Georgetown in its bracket at No. 2. Florida and Michigan, another former No. 1, are behind them. Gonzaga might have the easiest draw in the West, but the Bulldogs will...