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'Survivor' finale recap, 'This Is My Time'
'Survivor' finale recap, 'This Is My Time'

Well, this is it. Time for the two-hour finale. Jon just got ousted, so who is the new favorite to win? I love the dark horses, so I’m going to have to go for Keith. Or Natalie. I’d be OK with that, which is strange, considering I couldn’t stand her at the beginning of the season. I guess I’d also be alright with Jaclyn, because she’d be doing it without Jon. So, basically, I’d be OK with anyone but Missy and Baylor winning. Baylor wouldn’t even be so bad. Ha. So just Missy, then. Yup. Don’t want her to win. Back from Tribal Council, Jaclyn is trying to play it off with a smile, but that quickly disintegrates, and soon Natalie and Jaclyn...