Canoeing and Kayaking

Get outside, there's plenty to do in Harford [Editorial]

Get outside, there's plenty to do in Harford [Editorial]

It was a good move by Harford County government to create a safe place to launch kayaks and canoes along Deer Creek at Route 1, yet another effort to promote and encourage a wide range of outdoor activities in our county.

The entrance to launch, Benjamin’s Bridge, which is named in memory of Benjamin Boniface of Darlington, is just north of the Route 1 bridge. There’s an access road and a parking lot, which will eliminate kayakers and canoeists having to park on the shoulder of what is a pretty unsafe stretch of a busy highway.

Benjamin Boniface died at age 20 in a 2012 vehicle accident at his family’s farm. His family, which includes his father and mother, Billy and Barbara...