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Jens Voigt
1,000 cyclists turn out for Save A Limb Ride
1,000 cyclists turn out for Save A Limb Ride

Striding in her special black walking shoes decorated with turquoise, pink and lime-green squares, 8-year-old Elizabeth Gardner was, literally, on her way to reaching a milestone. As she began the Save-A-Limb Ride's 1-mile family walk Saturday morning, Lizzie, as she is called by her family and friends, had to urge her grandfather to keep up. "C'mon, Pop-Pop!" she called. Lizzie was born with a rare genetic disorder known as TAR syndrome (TAR stands for "thrombocytopenia with absent radius"). It results in a low blood count, misaligned hands and short arms due to the absence of the side bone, the radius. In addition, Lizzie was also born with no...