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Hyde5: Wade's diluted options- Lakers? Knicks?

Hyde5: Wade's diluted options- Lakers? Knicks?

The Heat had a good draft night in more ways than Justise Winslow. When the Lakers chose Ohio State guard D'Angelo Russell with the second overall pick, it threw a major problem in the best scenario for Wade to find a high-paying suitor for his services. Also, when Gabrielle Union tweeted out a welcome to Winslow, it might have sent a signal that Wade is excited about the pick, wants to play with and could help cut down on any over-use. Winslow also helps the Heat win now as much as any 19-year-old can. But this is reading tea leaves and wind currents. Let's play the game Dwyane Wade is playing. Let's look around and see his options if he doesn't opt-in to his...