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Elias Harris

Shawne Williams earned $475,334 during stint with Lakers

Shawne Williams earned $475,334 during stint with Lakers

On Tuesday, the Lakers waived forward Shawne Williams, but not before he earned $475,334.

The Lakers now have 14 players on the roster, one below the league maximum.

Including three waived players (Chris Duhon, Elias Harris and Williams), the team's total salary this season is $78,934,933. The Lakers will also pay a luxury tax penalty to the league, in the neighborhood of $11.3 million.

Injuries have derailed what was a promising start to the season. At 14-21, the Lakers are paying approximately $90.2 million in payroll and taxes -- for a 13th-place team in the Western Conference.

With Kobe Bryant (knee), Steve Nash (back), Steve Blake (elbow), Jordan Farmar...