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Looking at the top of the 2012 baseball draft

Looking at the top of the 2012 baseball draft

I made a joke on Twitter earlier this week that the Orioles did not let Carlos Correa get away.

I was being sarcastic -- having a little fun at the theme of this fall: That the Orioles didn’t sign or retain various “fill in the blank” players who would have helped them get back to the playoffs in 2015.

Apparently, a lot of people didn’t get the joke. I guess I’m not as witty as I think.

Correa, the 21-year-old shortstop phenom for the Houston Astros, wasn’t available for the Orioles, of course. He was the top pick of the 2012 draft -- the Orioles had the fourth selection and took right-hander Kevin Gausman.

But the response I received triggered another...