Mike Leake

Orioles' $150-million offer for Chris Davis only

Orioles' $150-million offer for Chris Davis only

If the Orioles won't improve their offer to first baseman Chris Davis — and, at this point, they haven't — don't expect the club to offer a similar financial package to the remaining big fish free agents.

According to an industry source, roughly $150 million was earmarked for Davis only. And, with his rejection of that seven-year offer last week, the Orioles are highly unlikely to entertain any deals with a $100-million value or more for the remainder of the offseason.

That seemingly takes the Orioles out of consideration for outfielders Justin Upton, Alex Gordon and Yoenis Cespedes, all of whom were predicted by Mlbtraderumors.com to receive at least $100 million deals at the...