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Los Angeles Dodgers
Some Orioles musings (Lavarnway, Rasmus, Viciedo, A-Rod)
Some Orioles musings (Lavarnway, Rasmus, Viciedo, A-Rod)

This is typically a big week in Major League Baseball, right after the winter meetings and right before Christmas. Free agents like to have their situations figured out before the holidays; for personal reasons, not baseball ones. So, even though there has already been a lot of action throughout the sport this month, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some more moves made this week. As for the Orioles, well, I don’t exact a blockbuster before the holidays. I never really expect a blockbuster at all with this group. But they definitely have moves to make, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if they add a player or two – and a hitting coach – in the next 10...