Ever wanted to go back to college for the day? Don’t miss: 3 top lecturers in Baltimore

Ken Griffey Sr.

Orioles twist language to spell relief

Opinion: The Orioles can go ahead and spin the idea that they've turned their bullpen around by letting Arthur Rhodes go and obtaining Chuck McElroy, Buddy Groom and Mike Trombley, but the 1999 ERAs of McElroy (5.50), Groom (5.09) and Trombley (4.33) don't lie.

Fact: Regarding former local sportscaster Chris Thomas' infamous pledge that Baltimore would end up playing host to an NFL playoff game before Indianapolis -- oops.

Opinion: You're not alone if you're a Ravens fan who is a) excited about Steve Bisciotti bailing out Art Modell and promising a future of local ownership, and b) also somewhat depressed that you're not 39 years old with a net worth of $1 billion.