Joe Paterson

Power rankings: No. 5 Diamondbacks

Power rankings: No. 5 Diamondbacks

No. 5 Diamondbacks: 26th in a series countdown to spring training. Next: Rays.

Good players carry themselves a certain way. They're respected by teammates, which gives them a sense of security that fosters confidence. They know who they are, even if it takes the public a while to catch on.

Chris Young, the Arizona Diamondbacks' center fielder, is one of those guys. He, and not the super-talented Justin Upton, was a go-to guy for reporters after playoff games last fall. He has been an easy guy to overlook throughout his five full big-league seasons — yes, he was an All-Star for a 65-win team in 2010, but Robert Fick once represented the Detroit Tigers — but as a true...