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Jack Kramer
Gussy Moran dies at 89; tennis player caused Wimbledon uproar with short skirt

Gussy Moran, who gained both international fame and notoriety by wearing a short skirt and lace panties in the 1949 Wimbledon tennis tournament and who lived a life of celebrity for many years, died Wednesday night in her small Los Angeles apartment in the shadow of Paramount Studios. She was 89. According to a friend, Lovey Jurgens, Moran suffered from colon cancer and had been home about a week after an 11-day stay at Good Samaritan Hospital. Moran was born Sept. 8, 1923, and grew up in a Victorian home on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica that still stands. Its address is 1323, and it was built by her grandfather in 1870. Her father, Henry, was a sound technician at Universal Studios and...