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Dodger Stadium
Manny Machado's renewal has a high-profile precedent
Manny Machado's renewal has a high-profile precedent

The Orioles' decision to play hardball and renew the contract of Manny Machado at $519,000 after such a tremendous first full season is not without precedent. In fact, it’s not even a particularly new concept. The fact that Machado ended up agreeing to the deal and accepting a $100,000 bonus for being named the Rawlings Platinum Glove Award, however, is a much better outcome than what happened in 1982 when the Los Angeles Dodgers renewed pitching phenom Fernando Valenzuela. Valenzuela was coming off an even more dynamic season than Machado. He had come out of nowhere to open the 1981 season with a string of eight straight victories that included five shutouts. He ended the...