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Cody Ross
Some random Orioles thoughts (40-man roster, Kubel, Pearce)
Some random Orioles thoughts (40-man roster, Kubel, Pearce)

When the Orioles outrighted Steve Pearce to Triple-A Norfolk on Friday, there was obvious murmuring that the club must be ready to make another 40-man roster move. The timing, admittedly, is curious. But I've been told there are no roster moves pending as of late Saturday afternoon. I was also told by a joking member of the organization not to worry: Dan Duquette will use that 40-man spot. Duquette's not one to waste a roster opening. He will find someone for it. It's just that that someone is not earmarked for it at this moment. So you're going to have stay tuned. *** With the Arizona Diamondbacks signing of outfielder Cody Ross to a three-year, $26 million deal...