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Carlos Lee

The curious case of Mark Reynolds

The curious case of Mark Reynolds

If you would have asked me in May if there were any chance of Mark Reynolds returning to the Orioles in 2013, it would have been a short conversation. “Nope,” would have been the answer. Honestly, as late as July, there was a sense that the Orioles were kicking around the idea of releasing Reynolds and eating his remaining 2012 salary. Isn’t it crazy how things work out? It’s now October. And Reynolds, a butcher at third base, worked his way into becoming a pretty darn good first baseman. He also cut down on his strikeouts this year (from 1 per every 2.72 at-bats to 1 per every 2.87 at-bats). He fanned 159 times, his lowest since his rookie year in 2007. And...