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Cal Ripken Jr.
Listen to good advice when retirement becomes your way of life

I have been thinking about baby boomers who, for one reason or another, have left the daily grind. No more snooze button to hit, no more gridlock. Gone is the relentless psycho babble cascading from the next cubicle and (a boost in morale, so they say) Casual Fridays. More and more, it seems, guys in their early to middle 60s have chosen to call it a career. Of course, there are those indefatigable ones who are textbook examples of kinetic energy. In Ontario, Canada, the mayor of one town is 92. Here at home, my friends Massimo Mazziotti, co-owner of Pasta Plus restaurant, and Shirley Redd, a pillar of vitality at the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber, are members in good standing of...