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Brian Matusz
Looking into the Orioles' disturbing bullpen trend
Looking into the Orioles' disturbing bullpen trend

I always say it’s difficult to analyze a major league team until Memorial Day, when the season is roughly a quarter over. That’s when you have a better idea of where a team is headed. So the Orioles’ 5-4 start against three American League East rivals means little. Last year’s club was 1-4 to begin the year, 4-6 through the season’s first 10 games and 10-10 through 20. And it ultimately won 96 and captured the division crown by 12 games. This isn’t football. There are 162 games, not 16. In NFL terms, the Orioles are in the fourth quarter of their first game. Any real analysis at this point is premature. That said, trends are trends, and...