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Brad Penny
Markakis busts out of slump in Orioles' 7-0 win
Markakis busts out of slump in Orioles' 7-0 win

Nearly four hours before Friday night's game, struggling right fielder Nick Markakis, clad in shorts and a white T-shirt, stood in the batter's box and sprayed balls around the field at a mostly empty Camden Yards. It certainly wasn't the first time Markakis has been out there this early under the hot sun, trying to find a solution to the most confounding slump of his professional career. He has taken extra batting practice numerous times. He has watched video of his swing before and after games for weeks. He has made late-night visits to manager Buck Showalter's office for a pep talk and consulted often with teammates, current hitting coach Jim Presley and former...