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Bartolo Colon

Sideline Chatter: You'd think this guy was wearing a 'hit me' sign

Want to borrow the catcher's gear, Andrew McCutchen? The Pirates' star center fielder hit by pitches a career-high 10 times in 2014 has already gotten plunked eight times this year, and he's looking to take preventive measures. "Elbow guard (check)," he tweeted. "Rib and back guard (check), shin guard (check), RoboCop outfit??? (hashtag)WorkingOnIt." Headlines At "Adrian Wojnarowski reports LeBron James will die of natural causes on June 22, 2062." At "Eugenie Bouchard's black bra runs afoul of Wimbledon's dress code/Moaning, grunting, shrieking all still OK." Directions, please ...