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Adrian Ross
Valentine's Day cocktail recipes from Wit & Wisdom
Valentine's Day cocktail recipes from Wit & Wisdom

The Four Seasons invited me to a "virtual cocktail class" a little while back. It was fun. We were supposed to make the drinks at our desk, but I just pretended to. The presenters were Duane Sylvestre of the Four Seasons DC, Cory Cuff of the Four Seasons St. Louis and Adrian Ross-Boon. lead bartender at Wit & Wisdom in the Four Seasons Baltimore. Ross-Boon demonstrated how to make a Mad-Hatten, his twist on the classic, a combination of the Manhattan and the Rob Roy. He had an interesting answer when asked if the cocktail had a Baltimore "twist," he said he made it sweeter than he otherwise would have. "Baltimore has a sweet tooth," Ross-Boon said....