From Freddie Gray neighborhood and beyond, bewilderment follows dropping of charges


New walking tours offer glimpse of Hampden history

New walking tours offer glimpse of Hampden history

To get to Hampden Falls, you have to really want to get to Hampden Falls.

Located off Falls Road beneath the bridge at Wyman Park Drive, it's a little-known gem of Hampden history, isolated and hidden from the road, accessible only by picking one's way down a rough-hewn set of steps to a wooden observation deck. It used to be called Round Falls, a man-made dam that serviced Rock Mill in the early 1800s. In 1930, Baltimore City tore down the old grist mill for flood control. Developers Bill Struever and Ted Rouse built the stairway and the platform with a bench in 2001.

At mid-afternoon Aug. 1, Candace Chance sat at the idyllic site, looking at her cell phone. She said she came...