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Battling Parkinson's disease, Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver finds inspiration in his 5-year-old son | ARCHIVE (June 18, 2006)

Her reach was instinctive, like stretching for the snooze button. No need to look. Hold hands as often as Traci and Jim Weaver, and the fingers interlock naturally. Except this time Traci's right hand didn't connect with Jim's left. This time Traci's hand found Jim's wrist.  She stepped back, eyeing her husband's gait. That's odd, she thought. Jim's leaning to the left. His arm and hand are lower than usual.  Traci said nothing. As if Jim would have listened.  Don't misunderstand. Jim and Traci are very much in love, very much a team. It's just that Jim, Virginia Tech's athletic director, is an old-school football...