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Boy Scouts of America
Wild Game Dinner at CrossLife Community Church [Elkridge]

CrossLife Community Church's Men's Ministry is hosting a Wild Game Dinner, which is open to all who care to purchase a ticket. The dinner is Saturday, April 11, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Grace Fellowship Hall, 6725 Montgomery Road, Elkridge. There will be a speaker, C.J. Winand, who is known through Bowhunter magazine as a wildlife biologist and contributor. Tickets are $50, must be purchased by March 30 and may be acquired by emailing David Maier at Maierrs7@gmail.com or by calling 410-796-0605. This event promises to be an invigorating one for those with a love for the wild. For more information, contact David Maier or go to CrossLife Community Church's website at...