By Lucas Shaw

July 28 (Reuters) - Gale Ann Hurd rose to the pinnacle of
Hollywood by producing some of the biggest and brashest films in
history, none more so than "The Terminator," directed by her
then-husband James Cameron. Yet when thinking about the current
state of the movie business, Hurd referenced another of
Cameron's movies - "Titanic."

"They can see the iceberg coming," Hurd told TheWrap at

Hurd is no longer on the ship. She has moved on to
television, producing "The Walking Dead," the highest-rated
cable show in America. She will have no involvement in the
upcoming reboot of "The Terminator," nor does she seem to have
much interest.

The rise of TV in both power and prestige has been
well-chronicled, and there is no questioning its importance from
a financial perspective. Media companies rely on television to
deliver the vast majority of their profits while movie studios
are an afterthought in Fox's pursuit of Time Warner, owner of