Is celebrity plastic surgery causing women to look like "fembots?"

Heidi Montag is 23, gorgeous and a plastic surgery veteran. But Dallas resident Lindsey Birmingham thinks it's, "Too much. Yeah, she did way too much."

That's one way to see it. There is another. Fellow reality-tv star Kendra Wilkinson has been quoted as loving Montag's results, telling a magazine, "When I'm 30, I'll get everything done."

That kind of radical thought and action is giving the onscreen, Austin Power femme-fatale "Fembots" a whole new identity. They're being called a species of walking, talking Barbie Dolls. Birmingham says, "They're starting to look like robots, women robots, all the same."

Dr. Sam Hamra says, "People look at themselves in the mirror and they don't see the beauty that may be there. They see the defects."

Dr. Hamra is a Dallas plastic surgeon and clinical professor of plastic surgery at U-T Southwestern Medical Center. He has written a book on the disappointments people face following plastic surgery, specifically face lifts.

Dr. Sam Hamra "The problem today is anyone can do these procedures today if they're an MD and I think that has brought the whole practice to a different level. It's really a buyer's beware."

Factor in the kind of television Dr. Hamra calls 'glamour shows", and teenagers like Zoe Wright are bombarded with store-bought beauty. The Dallas 15-year old says, "I do sort of feel pressure to have the perfect body, but I learned to like accept myself and like not worry about that stuff so much."

Zoe's mom points to magazines as well, saying what young girls see as reality is everywhere. "I think it's sending out an image that we're not perfect the way we are, that we've got to be something different than what we are."

Angela Defeo agrees. With one plastic surgery under her belt, she's far from a Fembot. She's had enough, "Cause I think it's fake."

But plastic surgery is wildly popular and can yield wonderful results, Dr. Hamra says. He asks that people research their prospective medical professionals be realistic about expectations.