We've all been there: a slew of shows to watch, and a DVR that can't accommodate the load.

In a hilarious sketch titled "Catching Up on Shows," the team from new IFC comedy "The Birthday Boys" details the kind of trauma that can result from cleaning out your DVR each weekend.

Programs featured on this DVR include "Marketing Men," "Baltimore Drug Unit," "Gone," "Lord of Kingdoms," "Anniversary Dudes," "Dead Walkers," "It Never Rains in Pittsburgh," "The Meth-Making Teacher," "Upton Monastery," "Obstructed Progress," "Empire Boardwalkers" and "Motherland."

With a bloodied, bandaged thumb, we watch Tim as he experiences a full-blown meltdown over his DVR before shouting, "There are too many shows!"

This clip is part one of a three-part sketch set to debut on the Nov. 1 episode of "The Birthday Boys." The series is exec produced by Ben Stiller and Bob Odenkirk, aka Saul from one of the bingeable shows, "Breaking Bad."

Check out the vid here:

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