Broadcasters filed a petition to the Supreme Court on Friday asking them to put a half to Aereo, the service that streamsstation signals digitally.

A Fox spokesman said that the petition "underscores our resolve to see justice done."

Earlier this week, a group of broadcasters decided that they would seek a Supreme Court review of lower court decisions that have denied them the injunction that would have stopped Aereo, which began offering streams of station signals in New York in March, 2012. Aereo has since expanded to other cities, including Boston, where a federal
judge on Thursday also declined to issue an injunction.

Aereo has contended that their service is legal, as it utilizes thousands of dime-sized antennas assigned to each subscriber. Stations have contended that such a transmission of their signal still is a public performance, and in violation of the Copyright Act. But citing a 2008 2nd Circuit decision that upheld Cablevision's ability to offer a remote DVR service, Aereo contends that its service is a private transmission, akin to any consumer buying an antenna for their own home use.

The broadcasters petition spanned 209 pages, and calls on the high court to decide whether the digital retransmission of station signals to paying subscribers is a public performance. All of the broadcast networks, along with Univision, Telemundo and PBS, signed on to the petition.

"Make no mistake, Aereo is stealing our broadcast signal," a Fox spokesman said. "As do so many businesses both large and small, broadcasters rely on enforcement of the law to receive fair value for the high quality news, sports and entertainment we create and in turn deliver to millions of Americans each day."

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