When the Bermuda Bowl (the World Open Teams) starts in Bali, Indonesia, next week, the United States will enter two teams, including one of its youngest ever. Kevin Bathurst-Kevin Dwyer and John Kranyak-Gavin Wolpert -- average age, 28 -- stormed through Trials in June. Robert Levin-Steve Weinstein were added to the team.

In the Trials, the youngsters often ignored conventional wisdom by attempting risky penalty doubles. In today's deal, I must admit that to pass one club doubled as East would not have appealed to me when I had a five-card diamond suit to bid. At one table, East did bid, played at three diamonds and made it: plus 110 points.


But in the replay, Dwyer passed -- and the defenders picked declarer clean. West took the A-K of hearts as East threw spades. Then came heart ruff, spade to the ace, heart ruff, diamond to the ace, spade ruff. East still had a trump trick for down two, plus 500.

To see how the U.S. fares in Bali, go to http://www.worldbridge.org.


You hold: S A 8 5 4 H A K J 7 5 D A 8 4 C 3. You open one heart, and your partner responds one spade. What do you say?

ANSWER: A raise to three spades would be reasonable. You would promise a hand worth 16 to 18 points in support of spades and would suggest unbalanced distribution. But many players would deem that a significant underbid. They would jump to four clubs, a "splinter" bid to show a strong hand with spade support and club shortness.

South dealer

N-S vulnerable


S Q J 9 6

H Q 8 6 4

D 6 5 3

C 7 2


S A 8 5 4

H A K J 7 5

D A 8 4