The crowd that filled the Bryant Park Grill following New Line's Aug. 1 Ziegfeld screening of "We're the Millers" seemed happily surprised with this original summer entry about a family of four trying to smuggle 1,500 kilos of Mexican pot across the border in an RV.

Think Chevy Chase's "Vacation" series with 21st-century wit and raunch.

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston as the mismatched mom and dad improvised much of their verbal volleys.

"The trickiest part handling Jennifer and Jason as they riff along was not laughing over the takes," said helmer Rawson Marshall Thurber. "They're friends in real life and that led to their chemistry onscreen. It's the pixie dust -- it's either there or it isn't."

The duo certainly never paused:

Q: Do you see this as a series?

Sudeikis: Gosh, I have no idea.

Aniston: I think that's an interesting idea.

Q: After "Bounty Hunter" and "Horrible Bosses" is this third time the charm?

Aniston: Oh we've got one more after this. ("Horrible Bosses 2")

Sudeikis: They say the second, third and fourth are the charm. You know the third is the charm because of the editors -- they cut out the second and fourth.

Aniston: Oh? It was?

Sudeikis: It was the original statement.

Aniston: Okay, good.

Sudeikis: and "Horrible Bosses" did well and "Horrible Bosses 2" will do too. Knock on wicker. (no wood nearby)

Q: When you first read this was it an immediate jump to say 'yes' or were you worried?

Aniston: I always worry.

Sudeikis: A little bit.

Aniston: You have to worry.