With domestic prospects a questionable proposition, the opening day of Warner Bros.' "Pacific Rim" has launched solidly in first place in South Korea with $1.5 million from 850 screens but far less impressively in Australia with $604,000 at 428 locations.

The Korean results were 209% ahead of "Rise of Planet of the Apes" and 161% ahead of "Clash of the Titans," each which generated over $300 million at the international box office, and on par with "World War Z."

Warner Bros. said the Australian estimates were on par with "Rise of Planet of the Apes."

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The New Zealand launch of Guillermo Del Toro's tentpole took in $103,000 from 64 screens and topped that market. The figure was almost double the number 2 film and also doubled "Rise of Planet of the Apes."

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"Pacific Rim" is opening day and date with the U.S., opening in 38 territories on more than 9,500 screens this weekend, including the U.K., Italy, Russia and Mexico.

The Warner Bros.-Legendary Pictures movie carries a price tag of $185 million.