Earlier this spring, Carl Pelini banned his players from using Twitter while in-season. Well, the season is over, and Pelini wants in on the microblogging action — he joined the service on Friday.

Pelini is member No. 1,399864,537 on Twitter.

His follow list warms my hockey-loving heart. Aside from the FAU coaches and other members of the athletic department, Pelini has opted to follow the Pittsburgh Penguins official account, Evgeni Malkin (Best, Russia Best.) and defenseman Kris Letang.

Of course, Pelini is following his brother Bo and his former defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh as well.

We're all waiting for the fateful moment where coach grabs a ride on the crazy train that is @dkurtenbach...

Pelini has two tweets thus far:

Give Pelini a follow at @CoachCarlPelini. While you're at it, you should follow me too (@dkurtenbach) though my jump shot isn't half as sweet.