McHenry Row

Share Kitchen opens at McHenry Row

Share Kitchen opens at McHenry Row

Two food truck owners have teamed up to open a commissary kitchen for food trucks, chefs and other culinary professionals in Locust Point.

Nikki Marks and Brian Mathias opened Share Kitchen, a 3,000-square-foot work space for food businesses, last week in McHenry Row.

“We were both using different commissary kitchens and we wanted to have our own,” said Marks, who owns the Mindgrub Cafe truck, formerly known as Madame BBQ. “I know how hard it is to find a space that you can use where you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes.”

Marks’ husband Todd Marks owns Mindgrub, a tech firm headquartered on the second floor of the building at 1215 E. Fort...