From Africa to Baltimore: The long path to education for a Hopkins star

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Becoming a student of nature

Becoming a student of nature

Earlier this spring my kids pointed to a buttercup-yellow wildflower on one of our walks in Baltimore County. They asked me what its name was. I had no idea. "A pretty yellow flower?" I said. "A daisy?" "The flower called Mommy-doesn't-know?"

They looked at me like, "How can you, a middle-aged human, not know anything about the natural landscape of where we live? We're relying on you, Mommy. TEACH US SOME NATURAL HISTORY ALREADY."

What kind of education are we giving our kids if we, the adults in their lives, don't know much and can't share about the natural history of where we live? Or worse, don't care? Nature has so much to teach. But...