Holiday Gift Guide: Chesapeake Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide: Chesapeake Christmas

Make gift-giving a local endeavor this season with items that exude Chesapeake charm.

1. Boordy Vineyard's Icons of Maryland wine series have engraved labels depicting iconic Maryland wildlife such as the Baltimore oriole bird on the riesling, the blue crab on the Boordy blush, rockfish on the seyval chardonnay vidal, a terrapin on the petit cabernet, Assateague ponies on the shiraz, the great blue heron on the vidal blanc and the mallard on the chambourcin merlot. $11-$17 per bottle. Discounts available on 12-bottle mix-and-match cases. Boordy Vineyards in Hydes. boordy.com

2. The 192-page hardcover book...