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Wedded: Carly Hamburger and Joe Ornstein

Wedded: Carly Hamburger and Joe Ornstein

Date: Aug. 16

Her story: Carly Hamburger, 29, grew up in Owings Mills. She is a health educator for the American Lung Association. Her parents, Lisa and Rick Hamburger, live in Owings Mills.

His story: Joe Ornstein, 27, grew up in Charleston, S.C. He is pursuing a doctorate in political science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he lives with Carly. His mother, Emily Tatum, lives in Blairsville, Ga. His father, Steven Ornstein , lives in Hollywood, S.C.

Their story: Carly and Joe met in the spring of 2011, when they were both living in Washington. Carly attended a concert featuring her...